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a full-service 
creative agency 
located in nashville & la.

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What We Do

Social Media Strategy

We provide Full-Scale Social Media Management, Social Pilot Planning and Execution of Social Calendars on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok. We co-create Branded Content and execute Posting, Optimization and Organic Growth, always delivering assets and communication with clarity and ease.

Marketing & Branding

Our Marketing and Branding specialists consult each client and create assets including an Electronic Press Kit, Onesheet, Website, Branding Deck, Logo Design, Bio Writing, Press Releases, and Fashion Moodboards. We offer Strategic Digital Ad Placements, as well as Exclusive Media Outreach, Spotify Playlisting and Pitch Writeups, and even create detailed Career Rollout Plans to ensure every decision is strategic.

Content Creation

We produce Creative Content including Flyers, Banners, Cover Art, Creative and Editorial Photoshoots, Music Videos, Lyric Videos, Spotify Canvas and more.

Exclusive Website Management 

We take on your Exclusive Website Management and ensure maximum profit through Daily Posting, Messaging, Growth Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Website Setup.


We Project Manage music and merchandise rollouts for a select number of clients including Musicians, Web3 Clients, and Exclusive Content Creators. With our Project Management Clients, services span from Creative Oversight and Consulting, Action Steps and Timeline Planning, Merchandise Design and Advertising, Marketing and Branding Consulting, Deal Negotiations, Music Session Coordination, Email Correspondence, Administrative Setup, and much more.

Hi, we're PBF! 

music +

art + 

inclusivity +


Peanut Butter Friends is a full service music creative agency + marketing consultancy specializing in women and LGBTQIA+ artists in music, art, and innovation.

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Clients & Partnerships

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What People Are Saying

"Peanut Butter Friends was able to meet all of my needs with so much care and creativity. I felt like I got an amazing deal for the full scale media kit and rollout plan they provided me. I could sit back and be the artist while the technical assets were handled for me, and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome."

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